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Judgement Day: Emily’s 18th birthday 2012

Judgement Day: Emily's 18th birthday 2012

◆ Date: June 2nd, 2012 ◆ Location:  The Chip Castle, Brooklyn, NY ◆ Music:  e.s.c., Radlib, Note!, Monodeer, cTrix   ◆ View complete photo set:  

Blip Festival 2012: Day 3

Blip Festival 2012: Day 3

◆ Date: May 27th, 2012 ◆ Location:  The Gramercy Theater, NYC ◆ Music: Burnkit2600, deadbeatblast, FlashHeart, Danimal Cannon, Monodeer, Infinity Shred, Dr. Von Pnok, MisftitChris ◆ Visuals: NO CARRIER, enso, CHiKA, Batsly Adams, Jean Y. Kim, Chromacle   ◆ View complete photo set: